Using the Ticket System.

This FAQ was created to help show the use of the Support Ticket system. If you have not already emailed support and gotten login information, follow the steps in “Option 1:” it is an easier and more customized way to begin using the ticket system.


Option 1: If you have NOT already emailed support and received login information for the ticket system go here to registerĀ This will bring to to a registration page. You can choose a username, your first and last name is preferably for us to look up your customer information with and enter your email address.

You will receive an email with a link to follow to set your password. The system will automatically fill in a secure password, but you can choose to overwrite the password and select your own. Then you can return to the ticket system and use the “Create new ticket” button to create your support ticket.

Option 2: If you have emailed support ( you will have noticed that your message has been automatically turned into a support ticket and you’ve received a few emails back (*As of 9/10/15 possibly some duplicates as well) When emailing or creating a ticket please be descriptive yet succinct in the title of your email as that becomes the ticket. While something like “Hello Stepcraft” is a nice gesture, it makes it a little difficult for support to jump between tickets and remember the subject matter we are working with.

Here’s an example sent via my webmail client and the reply back:



If you see these duplicates, follow the second email created via time. Following the first, you may get an error saying that the password you copied is incorrect. If that is the case check the other email and use that password. *This is a known issue and being worked on currently.

Logging in will bring you automatically to the ticket page where you can see your tickets. Pictured here a response has already been made from the support department.


Depending on the type of question and answer received you may close the ticket if satisfied, answer any additional questions from support about the issue or leave it open. Support will close tickets periodically if there are no responses back in a reasonable time or if the issue is settled. You have the option to re-open a ticket by clicking the green folder and then add new comments.

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