Accessing the XZ Connector after machine is built

After your Stepcraft machine is built there may be a need to access the XZ Connector to service parts of the machine. Which may seem like a quite daunting task but it is not that difficult. The key thing to make sure you have are ways to secure the Z and X motors, and to hold up the linear X track of the gantry. You will need to re-align the X and Z axes, and re-set the gantry alignment. Please read through the instructions to get a feel for what you will be doing before starting in.

Step One – Z Axis: Remove any tools in the tool holder and remove the three allen bolts holding it in place. Remove the set screw holding the motor connector to the lead screw. Now remove the two allen bolts holding the motor holder to the linear track. Take care as you are removing the last allen bolt as the track will now be free and may drop to the work bed. Remove the hose clip from the linear track and now you can secure the Z motor to the X linear track. The Z linear track is now free and you can pull it up to remove it. Now you have access to one side of the XZ connector.

Step Two – X Axis: First remove the toothed belt cover and toothed belt from the machine. Now remove the hose clips for the wiring on the X linear track. Remove the setscrew holding the motor connector to the threaded rod. Remove the four allen screws holding the X motor in place. Now you will be able to pull the X motor out, secure it to the side of the gantry. Remove the two allen screws holding the gantry side piece to the X linear track. Taking care with the wires that feed into the gantry side you can now turn the toothed pulley to move the one side of the gantry back. For ease of handling remove the X axis lead screw. Now with the lead screw removed and the gantry moved the XZ connector can be slid out. Take care with the wiring to let it be pulled. You may want to have a box or something you can place the XZ connector on.

Step Three – Re-assembly: Is reverse of the removal. Start with the X axis, re-installing the lead screw, line up the gantry, reinstall the motor and set screw for the lead screw and the allen bolts to hold the gantry together. For the Z axis slide the linear track back onto the XZ connector, re-connect the motor connector to the lead screw screw and the allen bolts to hold the motor holder to the linear track, and then re-install the tool holder plate. You will need to re-measure the gantry distance to re-align before re-installing the toothed belt.

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